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SoundAffect is a podcast series of conversations with smart people about stuff that affects our world, and how we affect it.

Find Your Sustain Ability

What the heck does sustainability mean, anyway? Turns out, it means more than you might think. Lee Ball has insightful conversations with faculty experts, and in doing so, helps each of us find our Sustain Ability.

Vet Tech Talk

Vet Tech Talk introduces you to the professionals that run the four-year, Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology degree program at App State as well as those making a difference in the field of Veterinary Technology the world over. Each episode of Vet Tech Talk also explores the powerful bond between animals and their humans.

Dave by the Bell

University Communication’s own Dave Blanks wanders the earth over in search of answers to all of life’s questions... great and small. Okay, so he mainly stays on Appalachian State University’s campus... he still wanders though... and he definitely wonders as he wanders. Listen for silly asides and revolutionary revelations. Priceless.

Appalachian Outdoorosity

Appalachian State University is proud to present, Appalachian Outdoorosity, a podcast where you’ll hear stories that entertain, inspire and inform you about living an active outdoor lifestyle. Each episode features a story with the goal to get you outside and keep you going outside to improve your overall wellness.